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Love & Friendship Stories: 
Joan & Elaine
Berkeley Square Residents Since 2018
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“Berkeley Besties”, Joan and Elaine, make it clear that if it weren’t for Berkeley Square, they wouldn’t have begun there new friendship that began almost four years ago, when they became neighbors.


Elaine and Joan talk to each other every day: a simple morning text to say “Hey, how are you doing?”  A brief reminder about medication, followed with an evening phone call to say “good night” as a final check-in for the day. For these women, having each other is one thing they love most about living at Berkeley Square, and since becoming neighbors, they have been each other’s closest friend.


“I was moving in and Joan stuck her head out the window and asked if I was going to the luau that evening,” says Elaine, who moved in two weeks after Joan.


The two have spent countless hours together since, watching their favorite TV shows, riding their scooters up to the gazebo for an evening cocktail, and, sharing meals together.

“Joan comes from Georgia and does the country cooking. I am the lobster and shrimp person from the East Coast,” shares Elaine, describing how they continue to enjoy cooking for two, living next to each other. Both will take turns presenting their latest culinary creation at the table, delight in the other’s chosen recipe and style of cooking. Your mouth will water hearing them discuss their favorite dishes—from soup beans to seafood boils to holiday cookies.

Both Elaine and Joan agree that there is so much for people to do at Berkeley Square and how their neighbors feel like family. Joan shares how she has “an open-door policy” where any of her friends are welcome.


Joan and Elaine love sharing about the many new friendships they have made living at Berkeley Square. Some may even say Joan and Elaine have a Forrest Gump type of following when they venture out on their strolls in the neighborhood: a small parade of neighbors will join them! “If you ever think you’re lonesome, go for a little walk,” exclaims Elaine, sharing how new friendships have formed by simply walking out to the neighborhood mailbox, and striking up conversation.  Joan goes further, stating, “I’ve done all I can do to get all of my friends here,” and admits proudly that she has helped four friends make the decision to move in too. With having various choices in the way of groups, activities, and events at Berkeley Square, Joan expresses to her non-resident friends “there is so much we can do together!” From chair volleyball, to summer Olympics, to themed meals, something is always happening within the community.

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These hospitable women exude sweetness and possess such a genuine friendship and admiration for each other, which began from day one. Joan and Elaine bring happiness wherever they are, whether going for a joy ride, chatting with friends at Berkeley Square community events, or sharing a steaming mug of coffee in Joan’s cozy living room. These “besties” show how easy it is to fall in love with Berkeley Square, and how special residents like Joan and Elaine make everyone feel like family.

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